Where to start with remodeling your bathroom

    If you want to spruce up your living space quickly and effectively, then a bathroom remodel is definitely a good way to go. Not only will a new bathroom add to the aesthetic and monetary value of the house but it can also be an opportunity to fix leaks, upgrade plumbing, and otherwise make your bathroom more soothing. However, make no mistake: although bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in a house, remodeling them is no easy task. It requires an investment of time, money, and effort. Relying on general contractors Los Angeles CA will make the process faster but it will also cost you. So, you should weigh your options between hiring professional contractors and risking a bathroom remodel on your own. But before you get overwhelmed, let’s begin with where to start with remodeling your bathroom.

    Start with the big decisions first

    A beautiful bathroom that you can have if you make the reight decisions about Where to start with remodeling your bathroom.
    Before you build your new bathroom, you’ll need to think about important things like your budget and schedule.

    You should never go into any construction project unprepared. And a bathroom renovation in Los Angeles is no exception to that. So, before you start any work at all, you’ll need a plan. And to make a plan, you’ll need to make some important decisions first. These will shape your remodeling plans and guide your project.

    Plan your budget and timeline

    Remodeling a bathroom is not as expensive or time-consuming as some other projects like home additions Los Angeles, new home construction, or even buying a house. But it will still require an investment of money and time. You’ll need to demolish what you have and replace it. That takes a while. You’ll have to pay for a new shower, new tiles, workers to install them.

    So, take a good look at your finances and your schedule first. How much are you willing and able to spend on your new bathroom? How long can you afford to be without a functional bathroom and when? You won’t be able to remodel an entire bathroom for a few hundred dollars, for example. Thus, the answers to these questions will inform your decisions on the extent of your bathroom remodeling project.

    Settle on a look for your new bathroom

    Picture your ideal new bathroom. Is it an inviting pastel color with lots of light, a claw-foot tub, and a large vanity mirror? Or perhaps a more modern design with dark tiles and functional marble countertops? You should decide this before you start remodeling. Even if you don’t settle on specific fixtures immediately, you should at least have an idea of the style you want. This will make other decisions down the line easier.

    DIY vs help from friends vs hiring a contractor

    A house being remodeled.
    Before you start remodeling your bathroom, you need to decide if who is going to be doing the bulk of the work.

    Remodeling a bathroom is not as difficult as building a house. You could, in theory, do it yourself. This might even save you a few hundred dollars as you won’t be paying a construction crew for their work. However, it will be far slower, more exhausting, and more stressful. In fact, it might even be dangerous if you’re not used to some type of construction work. Asking friends for help could alleviate some of these issues. However, professional construction services LA are unbeatable. Contractors are well worth the money because they will make sure your bathroom is remodeled properly, quickly, and safely.

    A good plan is where to start with remodeling your bathroom

    Once you have a better idea of your capabilities, your preferred interior design style, and how the work will be done, it’s time to sit down and make an actual plan. If you’re working with contractors, this part is easy – they’ll deal with the actual remodeling, you just need to figure out how you’ll continue living your life while they go about their business. But if you’re opting for DIY or help from friends, you should make a checklist of tasks with deadlines when they need to be done.

    The first things to do when you start remodeling your bathroom

    There’s quite a bit to do when remodeling a bathroom. The first step in the actual work should be pretty obvious: you can’t remodel something that’s still there. But once you’ve taken your bathroom apart, what next?

    Demolish before rebuilding

    You can’t put in a new toilet or cabinets until you take down the ones you have. Consequently, every bathroom remodel starts with demolishing the bathroom you already have. You’ll need to drain and remove the toilet first. Then remove the bathtub or shower. Finally, remove the remaining fixtures, cabinets, vanities, mirrors, and tiles. You should definitely get help with this part, especially if you’re removing a tub. You don’t want to get injured lifting something that heavy by yourself.

    Install the shower or bath

    Bath tub in a bathroom.
    Start with installing your bath or shower – this is the hardest part.

    Once you’ve gutted the bathroom, you can start putting in the new fixtures. Start with the hardest and biggest first – the bath or shower. Even if you’ve bought a tub or shower that fits your space and your aesthetic, you might need to rework the plumbing to fit the design of the new fixture. So take a good look at the pipes and the flooring first; fix anything that needs fixing. Then install the bath or shower according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Install fixtures and features

    After you’ve installed the shower or bath, the rest of the fixtures should be no problem. Put in the new toilet, sink, cabinets, and vanity. If they are not the same dimensions as the previous ones, you may need to adjust the wiring in some places. Once that is all done, lay down floor tiles and hang the drywall.

    Finally, do the finishing work on the aesthetics

    The answer to the question of where to start with remodeling your bathroom is never going to be “painting” or “hanging up mirrors” unless that is the only thing you’re planning on changing. Instead, you should leave the embellishments until the end. Put up wall tiles (and don’t forget quality grout for them) or paint with a semi-gloss finish paint that is resistant to moisture. Clean the bathroom from the remains of your remodeling project and finally, hang up mirrors, towel racks, shower racks, and everything else you need. And then you’re done!

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