Tips for boosting your home value in 2021

    Homeownership is definitely one of the best things that you can do for yourself. However, it’s also worth thinking long-term; at some point or another, you are likely to sell your home. And when that happens – you’ll want the ability to get the best possible price for your property. With that in mind, how can you actually go about boosting your home value as a homeowner? Before you hire the best general contractor in Orange County CA to help you with home renovations; we’ll see what kind of home changes will result in the best value! 

    Getting more square footage

    As soon as you start thinking about the best ways for boosting your home value before a home sale; you need to consider all of the factors that impact your household’s value. And among these – the square footage of the house is definitely one of the major considerations to keep in mind. Let’s face it – when people look for a new home, they want to know how much square footage they’re dealing with; which impacts what kind of usable space they’re working with.

    For instance, if the new owners want to make some room additions after the purchase; they will want to know the current level of usable square footage. With that in mind – you need to make renovations that increase the amount of functional space. 

    Naturally, it’s not really possible to increase the actual square footage of your household. However, what you can do is make your current square footage more usable for boosting your home value. For starters; you want to make the best possible changes to your floor plan. And if we’re talking about a house with a garden, ask some of the best landscape contractors Los Angeles has to make your exterior more spacious as well.

    But when it comes to the interior, there are also some changes that you can make. For example, a foyer and a living room separated by drywall could be joined together by knocking that wall down. And this would make the entire space feel far bigger than it was before. 

    Energy efficiency is crucial

    When it comes to the aspects that can help you with boosting your home value; energy efficiency is definitely one of the most crucial things that you can work on. That’s because most budding homeowners who are looking for potential properties know the importance of energy efficiency; this will impact both the eco-friendliness of the household and their household bills.

    A clean, white kitchen.
    Try to update the look of all of your rooms individually!

    So, if there is anything that you can do to make the home more energy-efficient before the sale; that’s definitely one of the priorities that you want to focus on. One of the biggest steps in this direction would be installing solar panels; though that may be too big of an investment. Plus, it’s not viable in every geographical location.

    Instead, one of the more basic steps would be changing the entire lighting setup in your household to LED lighting; it’s far more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run. Also, you may want to leave this part to professionals. Ask Top Rated General Contractors LA or a utility provider to give you an opinion on the current energy efficiency of your house. Then, you’ll know what your next actions should be!

    Bathroom renovation

    We should point out that the state of some of the individual rooms in your household will be important if you’re bent on boosting your home value in 2021. At the end of the day, there’s no bigger factor in home value than the subjective impression of the buyer. So, think about which room renovations will stand out the most with the least investment.

    Considering all of that – we recommend you organize your home renovation by starting with the bathroom. After all, the buyer wants to imagine what kind of experience they’d have living in the house. And the bathroom is one of the most crucial rooms in terms of functionality; which is why you should definitely focus on renovating it to boost home value.

    A rustic bathroom with a big window.
    Renovating your bathroom is certain to impact the value of your household.

    If you’re wondering where to start with this, you should definitely take a look at your water pressure in the shower and see if it’s satisfactory. Trust us; it’s one of the first things that any new buyer might try out while they check out the home. Also, think of the bathroom aesthetics; are the tiles clean and whole? That’s another thing that may require some fixing. 

    The kitchen might need some work as well

    Speaking of the rooms whose look and feel have a big impact on boosting your home value; take a look at your kitchen as well. If you ask homebuyers about their priorities, you will definitely learn that everyone likes having a remodeled or upgraded kitchen.

    A modern stove next to a new dishwasher.
    Boosting your home value through new kitchen appliances is a very safe bet.

    Now, the good thing here is that there are many levels of a kitchen remodel that you can achieve; depending on your ambitions and your budget. The least possible thing you can do is replacing some of the smaller countertop appliances. Apart from that, you can also put in a water filter on the tap if you don’t have one; the same goes for a dishwasher. Of course, if you really want to go all guns blazing – you can always replace the other big kitchen appliances as well. 

    Wrapping up

    At the end of the day, you can see that there are plenty of different things that you can do to go about boosting your home value. If you set the right priorities, you’ll be able to do a lot even on a limited budget! 

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