Rebuilding vs remodeling – which to choose

    No house remains unchanged forever regardless of how well it’s taken care of. So one day, you will inevitably find yourself looking at a property that has seen better days. Maybe it’s a home you just bought, thinking you can spruce it up a bit. Or maybe it’s a home you’ve owned for years but haven’t given enough attention. Either way, you now have a dilemma on your hands: how do you choose between rebuilding vs remodeling? Both options have a place in construction; which is the right one for you will depend on your specific situation. So before you start looking for the best general contractors in Los Angeles for the project, weigh the pros and cons of each alternative carefully.

    Rebuilding vs remodeling: the basics

    Architecture plans for a house.
    Before drawing up plans for your new home, be sure you understand your options.

    Before you make any decisions, it’s important to understand what the terms rebuilding and remodeling mean. Rebuilding is the process of tearing down an existing structure and then building a new one in its place, often using some of the same materials. Remodeling is the process of making significant changes to the structure or layout of an existing structure by moving walls, home additions Los Angeles, or adding another floor, for example. Remodeling is sometimes used interchangeably with renovating. However, renovation doesn’t necessarily include major structural or layout changes; it only means restoring a property to good condition.

    Pros of rebuilding

    Rebuilding is a good choice when your home is simply too damaged to renovate or remodel. It comes with many benefits:

    • you get to design the house from scratch so it fits your needs
    • your new home will be up to date in terms of materials, design, and utilities
    • in the long run, you’ll save money because a new house doesn’t require as much maintenance work
    • when you decide to move, you’ll probably sell for a higher price

    However, there are also some drawbacks: the initial investment is bigger, the project takes more time, and you may need special permits.

    Pros of remodeling

    Remodeling is a great way to relatively quickly, easily, and affordably change up your living space. The benefits include:

    • lower investment costs
    • less time to complete than a full rebuild
    • DIY as an option for smaller projects
    • fewer legal restrictions
    A kitchen you can have after deciding between rebuilding vs remodeling.
    A new kitchen can make a big difference for your home.

    So if simple kitchen remodeling Los Angeles does the job, go for it. But understand that remodeling is often just a temporary solution. When you end up facing serious structural issues or needing major repairs, it’s best to rebuild.

    Deciding between rebuilding vs remodeling

    Both remodeling and rebuilding can be good options in different situations. So when your home needs some work, you’ll need to assess your specific situation before making a decision. Here’s what you should ask yourself:

    How much work are we really talking about?

    The first thing you need to figure out is whether remodeling is even a feasible option. If you have serious water damage, for example, then even the best bathroom renovation Los Angeles is not going to cut it – you’ll need to rebuild. But if your house is going to stay standing for another decade if you just give it a bit of a facelift, then remodeling should stay on the table. So assess the situation with an objective eye. Do you even have a choice?

    How big is your budget?

    Both rebuilding and remodeling will cost you a pretty penny. But while rebuilding pays off in the long run, the initial investment is far smaller for remodeling projects. So take a look at your finances and decide on how much you can spend on construction right now. Then, compare that with the average costs of rebuilding and remodeling to see if you can even afford to rebuild. But if money is an issue for you, you’ll probably want to stick to remodeling.

    What are your plans for the future of the home?

    Women with children in a kitchen.
    When deciding between rebuilding vs remodeling, think about your future in the home and how much you’re willing to invest in it.

    There’s no point investing in something you’re not going to actually use. So think about your plans for the future. Are you going to stay in your current home for a while still, years or maybe even decades? Or are you planning on moving soon? Will you be raising your children in your current home? Or do you want to sell it? Rebuilding only really pays off if you’re going to be making use of the home for years to come. Otherwise, remodeling is the better alternative – leave rebuilding to someone who’s more dedicated to the property than you are.

    What are your priorities?

    If you have the time, money, and will, you can always rebuild. The question, then, is whether you want to. And this depends on what matters most to you. If you want to change up your home while saving money, then you should remodel. The same goes if you want the construction to be over quickly. But if you’re building for the future, then rebuilding is the better choice. Now you just need to decide where your priorities lie.

    Are there any legal restrictions you need to be aware of?

    The final thing you should check before making your final decision are local zoning restrictions. Major construction projects like demolition and rebuilding are not always permitted or may require a special permit. Even some types of remodeling are strictly controlled. So look into the legal side of things in preparation for construction.

    Listen to your instincts when deciding between rebuilding vs remodeling

    Ultimately, the decision between rebuilding vs remodeling is one only you can make. So it’s important that it reflects your wants and needs. It can be easy to neglect those if you get bogged down in numbers and details. So above all else, ask yourself what you feel like you should do. Talk to your family and get their opinions too. While instinct shouldn’t be the deciding factor, it’s definitely something to take into account.

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