Reasons why homeowners like open floor plans

    Open floor plans, also known as an open concept, are a popular way to design both residential and commercial spaces. Here at Top Rated General Contractors Los Angeles, we’ve built more than a few such homes and offices over the years. If you’re in the industry, you can probably say the same. But have you ever wondered why homeowners like open floor plans so much? Answering this question will help you better understand your clients, better answer their questions, and provide them with better services. So let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of an open concept home.

    Open floor plans – what are they?

    Open floor home with kitchen and dining area connected.
    An open floor plan typically connects the kitchen, dining room, and living area.

    An open floor plan is a catch-all term in architecture and design for any home or office that makes use of large open spaces with minimal partitioning. Pretty much every home remodeling contractor Los Angeles has encountered at least a few of these: open floor plans have been the trend in new construction and the goal of many remodeling projects ever since the 90s. There is no single way to utilize an open concept. While most people forego walls between the living area and the kitchen to create a larger downstairs in a house, you can also apply an open floor plan in other ways such as leaving a loft with no walls at all or merging several bedrooms into a large living and sleeping area.

    5 reasons why homeowners like open floor plans

    Open floor plans have been popular for more than two decades now so it’s clear that homeowners like them. And there are good reasons for that. Understanding these reasons will help you better understand your clients’ desires and design better open floor spaces.

    Home feels bigger and more modern

    The main reason why people opt for open concept homes is the illusion of more space. While the walls themselves don’t take up much space, their mere presence divides the area into smaller rooms; each of them is individually smaller than the entire floor and if you want hallways between them, you’ll lose even more space to this layout. This is especially obvious in smaller homes and apartments where space is a luxury. In order to make such spaces appear larger, many homeowners look for a kitchen remodeling contractor Los Angeles who will take down the wall between the kitchen and the living area, making the home feel larger because there are no barriers for the eye to land on.

    What is more, open floor homes feel more modern because open floor plans are so common in new construction. This makes them a great way to freshen up an old home and increase its market value.

    Real estate value goes up

    Money - one of the main reasons why homeowners like open floor plans.
    One of the main reasons why homeowners like open floor plans is the monetary value it adds to the home.

    Because open floor plans are in high demand, it can be easier to sell a home with an open concept faster and at a higher price. If you’re in the business of flipping properties, this can be a good formula for getting your investment back. Of course, homeowners should never make decisions based purely on the real estate value. But if you have a client who is in two minds about an open concept in their home, reminding them of the added value can help them make the decision.

    The space becomes more versatile

    By eliminating the walls, you eliminate the strict division between rooms and their functions. There is no longer a clear line between the living area and the dining room, kitchen, or foyer. This opens up a lot of different possibilities you otherwise wouldn’t have. You can, for example, utilize the living room as a dining area for a large family. Or you can gather people in the kitchen for some family time without getting crowded. It’s worth remembering that an open floor plan doesn’t necessarily mean no rooms. You can temporarily create smaller pockets of private space with screens and curtains. This is yet another way to utilize your space that’s unique to open concept homes.

    An open floor home is also easier to integrate with the outdoors. It’ll connect seamlessly (and with a single door too) to your outdoor kitchen, patio, or backyard. So hire good landscape contractors Los Angeles because you’ll be making the most of your entire property.

    You get better light

    Living room with large windows.
    Natural light will spread easily and freely through an open floor plan home.

    Open floor homes technically have less wall space. But what walls they do have are usually outside walls. Some of them will be needed for fixtures like kitchen cabinets. Most of your wall space, however, can go toward windows. Since an open concept floor is essentially one big room, you don’t need to worry about dividing the area between different rooms, adding extra doors to the outside for each individual room, or cutting into window space with inside walls. So just put in a lot of walls and let in the natural sunlight! Not only does it make your home look better but it also has health benefits. Finally, with no walls to block it, the light will spread throughout the home, illuminating the entire space.

    It’s great for families

    If you have children, then an open floor plan (at least for the living area) is a great idea. First of all, it gives your children more space to play in. Secondly, it allows you to keep an eye on the kids even while you’re doing your own thing. Finally, it gives you more opportunities to entertain. You’ll have plenty of space for your children to invite friends over for slumber parties or for you to throw large family dinners over the holidays. And you will benefit from this too – you can throw a great dinner party in an open floor house with enough space for meals, party games, dancing, and more. The better and easier flow of open floor plans will make you and your guests more comfortable too.

    Reasons why homeowners don’t like open floor plans

    While there are many reasons why homeowners like open floor plans, this type of design does come with some flaws. It’s important to be aware of these as well in order to have a well-rounded understanding of open concept homes. The primary disadvantage of open floor plans is, of course, the lack of privacy. While screens can help, they won’t create the same safe and cozy atmosphere as walls would.

    Open floor plans also have poor sound and smell control. Noise and aromas will travel faster and easier without walls to block them which can be a problem when you’re combining your living room and your kitchen. Finally, open floor homes can be difficult and costly to either heat or cool. It will be far more difficult and far more expensive to control the temperature in one large room than in individual smaller rooms where you’re currently spending your time.

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