Questions to ask your contractor from the get-go

    Any construction job is a serious undertaking. Everything, from the smallest rework, to building your new home, demands expertise and dedication. For your project to go without a hitch, you need some of the most reliable general contractors Beverly Hills can offer. But, how do you find the right company? How can you be sure they are reliable and professional? Simple – you interview them like you would any employee. To make sure you don’t miss any important answers, here’s a list of questions to ask your contractor before you hire them.

    #1. How long have you been in business?

    A businessman holding a thumb up.
    More often than not, the experience is a guarantee of quality.

    Companies that exist for a long time surely do something right, right? Otherwise, the market would have swallowed them a long time ago. That being said, you want a contractor with an avid track record, regardless of the job. Experienced contractors will coordinate and organize the work better. This, in turn, will lead to the swift completion of the job without a decline in quality.

    #2. Do you have a contracting license?

    This is one of the most important questions to ask your contractor. You want to know that they operate within the confines of the law. This ensures legal support if any issues arise. However, bear in mind that not every contracting job requires a license. Still, it is a good idea to opt for a contractor that went out of their way and got one. It is a great indicator they are taking their job seriously and responsibly.

    #2.1. Do you have the necessary certificates for my particular type of project?

    Not every construction job has the same requirements. For instance: Let’s say you’re hiring the services interior design firms Los Angeles offer for that custom-made chef’s kitchen you always wanted. You already know there will be some serious plumbing, carpentry, and electric work involved. Therefore, certificates in these particular branches will ensure quality work.

    #3. Do you have insurance?

    It is essential to know you won’t be held responsible for any accidents or damages you didn’t cause. That’s why you want a contractor with insurance.

    In general, contractors need to have two types of insurance. These are:

    • Worker’s compensation insurance protects you from liability if a worker gets injured on your property.
    • Liability insurance guarantees that the company will cover any damage they caused while working on your property.

    #4. Can you provide references?

    If you’re working with a reputable contractor, in most cases you won’t even have to ask this question. They will practically race to present you with a list of references and reviews. And then urge you to follow up on them. And you should! It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with their work and the way they operate.

    #4.1. Are you using subcontractors? Can you provide references for them, too?

    Construction job involves many specialists, from different branches. For instance, an extensive rework had you hire a reputable home remodeling contractor Los Angeles. Still, this type of job may require electricians, engineers, HVAC technicians, etc. There is simply no way that one company can take care of every single task. Enter the subcontractors.

    This is why these are important questions to ask your contractor. You want to know they have a network of proven and reliable collaborators. That way, you can be sure they’ll do a quality job.

    #5. Will you obtain the necessary permits and set up the inspections?

    Several piles of documents.
    Dealing with paperwork is never fun. Fortunately, your contractor can do it for you.

    Nobody loves dealing with paperwork. A good contractor will go out of their way to procure the permits for you. A reputable company will have extensive knowledge of rules and regulations. Therefore, they’ll know what type of permit and/or inspection you need. Now, not every job requires both of these. Some don’t even require either. Still, it’s good to know that your contractor is willing to take care of this nuisance.

    #6. What is the timeline of completion?

    Construction projects can take a lot of time. In turn, this can obstruct your day-to-day functioning. Therefore, you want to know:

    • When will the work start;
    • What are the work hours;
    • When will the work end;
    • How will necessary changes be addressed?

    This will allow you to plan your life, and keep the semblance of normalcy amidst the chaos.

    #7. How do I go about payment?

    A reputable contractor will never ask you to pay for the entirety of the work upfront. Still, you need to know how you will pay, as well as when. This is one of the more important questions to ask your contractor. It will let you plan better and avoid potential problems.

    #8. Will I have a dedicated team for my project?

    Having a dedicated team is always great. Personnel that knows the terrain will be more efficient.

    #8.1. Will I have a dedicated project manager?

    Again, you need a person familiar with your project. They will oversee the works, and ensure everything goes according to plan.

    #8.2. How often will the overseer check on work?

    You want them to be there at least daily to check on progress and address potential issues that may arise.

    #9. How do we keep in touch?

    Having an open line of communication with your contractor is essential for the success of the project. Talk to your contractor and find out:

    • How they prefer to keep in touch;
    • When is the best time to contact them;
    • When can you expect a reply?

    #10. Do you offer a guarantee of services rendered and materials used?

    Most contractors offer a guarantee for their work. Still, you need to know what it covers and how long will it last.

    Similarly, the material warranty can be the manufacturer’s responsibility. In that case, you need to ask your contractor for a copy of that warranty.

    With these, you will have all your bases covered, in case something goes awry after the job is done.

    #11. How do we resolve potential disputes?

    Alternatively, you may ask: “Did you have a lot of disputes in the past?

    In both cases, if they start evading the question, it should immediately raise some red flags.

    Angry businessman yelling.
    Disputes aren’t common. But if they arise, you want to know your contractor will handle them professionally.

    Now, we are not saying that disputes are a common thing. But, they do happen. If your contractor admits to having had disputes, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Quite the contrary – it shows that they are willing to take responsibility for their work. Both good and bad. So, if they handled it professionally, you can look forward to working with them. It is a sign you have a responsible contractor by your side.

    Having the right contractor is critical for your project

    Construction project demands extensive planning and work. That’s why you should never rush to hire a contractor. Instead, take your time to do the research. Questions to ask your contractor we listed here are an excellent starting point. Still, don’t be shy to contact your general contractors, and ask them anything that interests you. After all, they are here to help you realize your vision.

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