Modern home security features

    Home is not just the place where we live. It’s where we go to relax and unwind, where we spend time with our family, where we feel comfortable and welcome. We deserve to feel safe in such a place. But unfortunately, for many of us, that safety will be threatened sometimes. So once all the general contracting Los Angeles is done and your home is ready for you to move in, it’s time to start thinking about security. In order to protect yourself, you’ll need to install a security system. Yet, not all security systems are equally effective or suitable for each home. When choosing one, it’s important to know which modern home security features to be on the lookout for.

    What are the basic, must-have modern home security features?

    After general contractors Beverly Hills build the perfect home for you and your family, it’s important to protect it with a good security system. But how will you recognize a good security system? It’s easy – these are the features it absolutely must have:

    Wireless technology

    Phone showing a loading screen.
    Wireless technology is all around us – why not in your security system too?

    These days, everything is wireless – your internet, your headphones, your computer parts. Your security system should be too. Instead of paying for an expensive and timely installation that leaves your home full of wires, opt for a wireless system that is easy to connect. In most cases, you’ll be able to install it yourself! Simply attach each part device to the wall and connect it to a power source. It’s quick, simple, and safe.

    Control from anywhere

    This is another benefit of wireless security systems: you can control them from anywhere. All you need to do is install an app on your smartphone. Then, you’ll be able to arm and disarm your security system with a few swipes of your finger from anywhere on the property. This is much easier than the interface of traditional systems. Plus, you’ll have more options – disarm the alarm from your garage before you even enter the home or protect yourself from the comfort of your bed even if you forgot to arm the system before brushing your teeth.

    Audio and video systems

    Modern home security features include cameras.
    Cameras are one of the most widespread modern home security features.

    It should go without saying but being able to record audio and video of your home is incredibly helpful. If something happens and your home ends up burgled or robbed, you’ll be able to see who did it and how. This can help the police catch the perpetrator or it can help you get a good settlement from your insurance company. Furthermore, some more sophisticated systems will allow you to observe live feeds of the home when you’re not there. If you have pets or children, this can be incredibly useful. You will now be able to keep an eye on them and see what they do when you’re not around.

    Advanced alerts

    If you have a wireless system that connects to your phone, you can easily track what happens in your home and when by setting up notifications on your app. Get informed when a doorbell rings or someone walks in. Receive alerts when the camera captures motion in your yard. Set up a reminder to close the garage door if it’s something you often forget to do. This allows you to relax and stop worrying about your safety so much. If something happens, your system will alert you – you don’t have to keep actively checking it yourself.

    Protective features

    Many modern security systems can provide protection from more than just crime. They integrate with your other alarm systems like fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, water sensors, and other security features. So if you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling Los Angeles, get the latest sensors and alarms installed at the same time. You can connect them with your security system and protect yourself from all sorts of calamities. Now, you’ll get notifications when smoke alarms go off or carbon monoxide reaches certain levels. With some systems, you may even be able to control responses to these risks. You’ll be able to automatically call emergency services, start or stop sprinklers, and protect yourself in other ways.

    Other modern home security features to look for

    Door with multiple locks.
    Modern home security systems can include a wide variety of safety features.

    If you find something that contains all of these basic features of a modern security system, you’ll certainly be well protected. But things can always be better. So if you have the option, look for a system that also has:

    • multi-device support: you’ll be able to connect your phone, tablet, and laptop to the system and get notifications on any device; furthermore, your family or housemates will be able to interact with the system too
    • biometric controls: to make arming and disarming the system even easier, look for an app that allows you to do so with your fingerprint or facial recognition technology
    • window and door sensors: since windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of a house, having sensors on them can help you protect yourself from break-ins and robberies
    • external sensors: when hiring landscaping companies Los Angeles, ask them to help you install security sensors in your yard as well; you’ll get warnings long before someone enters the house and have more time to prepare
    • motion sensor lights: having a light on your porch or in your yard will help you see potential intruders but also navigate the outdoor area more easily at night; however, keeping a light on all the time is a waste of energy and money so install motion sensor lights and they’ll only come on when needed

    Why is it important to have these modern home security features?

    According to the latest statistics on crime, Los Angeles is becoming safer. But that doesn’t mean you’re never in danger. It’s still possible that you’ll be a victim of a property crime, especially in certain neighborhoods. You want to protect yourself as best as you can. Insisting on modern home security features helps you do that. You’ll have the best possible system and you won’t have to work hard at controlling it. This helps you feel safe in your home and reduces stress.

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