Ideas for the extra room in your LA home

    Having a dedicated space for your hobby or making yourself a home gym are common ideas homeowners get after living while in their house. Having lived in the house for some time makes you learn about the space and incorporate your daily habits into it. You notice what you could do to improve your living situation and often get ideas for the extra room. Whether you like to finish your remodel your basement or add an extra room above the garage, some ideas can help you along the way. No matter if you don’t have much space, with some creative thinking or some professional assistance, you can achieve great results even with the smallest of rooms.

    Turn your basement into a lux guestroom

    guest room
    Having a guest room for friends or family to stay over is always practical.

    You have been living in your house for years and never have time nor money to finish working on your basement. Maybe you have been using it only for storage and never really found its purpose. How about you turn it into a cozy bedroom for your family and friends when they come out of town? Surely they would love a space where they can feel at home. If you don’t know how to go around some beams or you need help creating a full bath down there, you better hire general contracting Los Angeles services and let professionals do what they do best. Focus your efforts on decorating the room and picking furniture. Opt for a king-size bed or a sofa bed if that sounds more convenient. You can install even a TV and make it look like a hotel room.

    Create a wonderful hangout place from your old shed

    When thinking about ideas for the extra room, don’t just look at the inside of your house. Take a good look at your garden or the area surrounding your home. If it happens you have an old shed you haven’t been using, imagine how you could turn all that space into a beautiful room to hang out with your friends. If you want this outbuilding to be purposeful, you can add even a bathroom or a small kitchenette. That type of construction might be out of your scope, so you better consult a Los Angeles ADU contractor. Use the opportunity to get yourself an extra functional room at an affordable price and in a short time. Your friends will love it when they come to spend a quiet afternoon in your garden or to have a Sunday barbecue.

    Your teenager would love an extra room

    Suppose you love your LA home, but you feel like you need some extra space now that you have a teenager. Sometimes you should think of clever ways to turn your ideas for the spare room into reality. Why not opt for specialists in home additions Los Angeles and get them to create extra space above your garage. Your teenager would love to have a separate entrance and some privacy. You, on the other hand, will get a spare room in your house. The room above the garage could have its bathroom and resemble a suite. When in town, your relatives could stay in the room if it is ok with your teenager, of course.

    Convert your garage into a home gym

    extra room turned into a gym
    Building your own gym at home is a good project and a healthy choice.

    If you always wanted a home gym but didn’t have a spare room to accommodate the equipment, there is a solution. Think about a garage conversion. Would it be great to find purpose in all that space? Of course, first, you will have to declutter and reorganize all the stuff you have been storing in the garage. Use this excellent opportunity to go through your property and see if you don’t need anything. Create a pile for donation, remove junk and even think about having a yard sale. You could use the extra money for your garage remodel. When you finish clearing everything, bring in your gym equipment and enjoy this additional space you have created.

    If you lack ideas for the extra room, you can always make a home office

    home office
    With a lot of people transitioning to working remotely on a permanent basis, investing in a home office is a great idea that extra room in your LA home.

    It is always a challenge for those living in a house to find real purpose in your basement or your attack. Imagine how great it would be to turn your dull and dark attic into a bright office space. If you don’t have options to add to your current living space, this is a perfect solution. You will have all the peace and quiet up there and could create a working oasis for yourself. Keep the area functional, and choose skylight windows to let the sunshine in. Even though the roof may be low, they should appear higher, and the room to be more prominent with the proper lighting. Bring in some storage for your files and books, and enjoy this simple but effective addition to your home.

    Convert your porch into a summer living room

    If you have a big yard and a spacious porch, you should make it beautiful and inviting. You could create a whole new living room area on your patio. Get yourself an outdoor rug and some shutters for the windows, and you will immediately feel like you have built an additional room. You can decorate the walls with some picture frames or mirrors to make the space homier. With some great outdoor furniture pieces, your friends will be in awe when they first see what have you created. Together you can enjoy quiet conversations and refreshing drinks, whole year-round.

    Look everywhere for bonus room ideas

    Home additions are a great way to increase your living space. Some opt for straightforward room additions, while others get more particular ideas for the extra room. You should look everywhere for inspiration and use your creativity to develop some clever ways to make more space. Either it is above your garage or in your basement, that unused space can turn into a beautiful room with a purpose.

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