How to design your custom home build in 2 weeks

    Contrary to popular belief, realizing a dream of the perfect home doesn’t have to take years. Yes, it does require extensive planning and engagement on your part. But still, not nearly as much as you may think. What’s even better – the whole prospect doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can design your custom home build in 2 weeks and have a blast doing it. Still, to make sure reality reflects your dream, it’s not enough to only draw a few lines on paper. You need to approach the entire venture analytically and set realistic expectations.

    Vision and dream will make your home a reality

    There’s a difference between a vision and a dream. Dreams are fickle, wild, and undefined. They are guided by emotion and subconscious. And we all know how hard it is to tame both of those. Vision, on the other hand, has firm roots in the reality of our subconscious minds. You start from the basis and devise steps to reach the end goal based on images and ideas that you actually saw or processed in theory.

    A beautiful family house at sunset.
    Dreams will let you design your perfect home. Vision will let you make it a reality.

    To be able to design your custom home in 2 weeks, you’ll need to find a perfect sweet spot between the two. You will have to make your emotions and logic work side by side. If you manage to tune your mindset this way, amazing results are all but guaranteed.

    Inspiration is the root of creation

    You probably already have a fair idea of what your new home will be like. Still, drafting an entire plan “from the mind” can pose a significant challenge. Luckily, it doesn’t have to. You can jump-start your inspiration and make it much easier.

    To this end, the internet is your best friend. Head to websites of custom home builders Los Angeles. The majority of them have photos of various custom builds. Look for homes similar to the one you imagined. Notice the features and how they are incorporated in the final build. Small details that make it stand out. Solutions that provide functionality. Every little bit will help refine your vision.

    It is a great idea to save the images you like the most. They will come in handy for future reference. You may even create a “vision board”. It’s an amazing way to have sort of a “bigger picture” in front of you at all times.

    Draft a budget

    Finances will be the largest obstacle to your vision of the perfect home. Building a house from scratch is not cheap. So, drawing up a responsible budget is a must.

    The best way to do this is to consult professionals offering general contracting Los Angeles services. They can give you amazing pointers about price ranges. This will help you set realistic expectations and save yourself the disappointment.

    Features of the property will be the most limiting factor in your design

    Your amazing vision means nothing if the terrain can’t support it. It is essential to carefully consider the features of the property you will build on. Things like:

    • Orientation;
    • Accessibility of utilities;
    • Topography;
    • Position in relation to adjacent buildings;
    • Natural obstacles.

    These all play a significant role in the pre-design process. An in-depth analysis of these features will make it easier to design your custom home build in 2 weeks.

    A house on the lake.
    Incorporate unique terrain features in your design. The result can be breathtaking.

    Fortunately, not every obstacle is a deal-breaker. Quite the contrary! You can use terrain features to your advantage. The realization of your project might get a bit more difficult. However, it allows for some unique looks, that will make your home stand out. All without sacrificing functionality.

    Optimizing the design

    Form and functionality are two sides of the same coin. As such, they are mutually dependent. If you want your new home to both look and function optimally, you need to find the balance between the two.

    The functionality is all about your everyday needs

    To start designing your home, you have to consider your needs. A great and fun way to do it is to imagine yourself living in your new home. How does it feel? Can you see yourself functioning efficiently? Will there be enough room once your family starts to grow? Do you need a dedicated space for a home office? A hobby or game room? These and similar questions will help you define the basic layout.

    Devil’s in the detail

    It’s time to dive even deeper into imagination. To truly build a home in your mind. Once again, you will envision day-to-day life. Only, this time, you will do it on a per-room basis.

    So, go room-by-room and write down how you expect every room to function. Focus on the details, unique features, furniture. This process will help you refine the idea of the layout.

    For the best results, it is smart to work with the ideas of experienced and skilled interior design companies Los Angeles. Knowledgeable professionals can help you elevate your vision. And, more often than not, they will have great solutions that will save you money and time in the long run. So don’t shy away from pitching your ideas to them.

    Unleash your inner artist

    Now you have a pretty good idea of how your house will look, function, and feel. It is time to attack the drawing board. This part of the process is the most fun. However, it will take some time. The best approach is to design your home in blocks. In other words: one room at a time. Start with the essential areas:

    • Bedrooms;
    • Kitchen;
    • Bathrooms;

    Branch out from there to incorporate the rest. Be sure to always keep the functionality in mind. The final look of your home will conform with it along the way.

    Technology is your friend

    It’s an amazing idea to use your PC to help you design your custom home build in 2 weeks. There’s a variety of free home design apps on the internet. Tools like Planner 5D and SketchUp can help you draw and visualize on the go. Choose one that suits you the best and just go all in. Some of these programs have built-in 3D rendering options, too. So, you will not only have an easier time drawing – you will be able to see the finished product.

    A woman in bed using laptop.
    Free apps can make designing your home more enjoyable.

    It’s time to pitch the ideas to pros

    An architect will help you make the idea feasible. They might change some parts of your design to fit local building codes, or to provide more structural integrity. Work with them closely. Listen to their suggestions and advice and accepting the input. This will help you in the long run and let you avoid legal and construction issues that may arise.

    Let the work begin

    Once you and your architect finalize the plans – that’s it! You managed to design your custom home build in 2 weeks. Quite the achievement, we might say. Now all that’s left is to contact your general contractor and hand them the plans. And then sit back, relax, and watch your dream come to life.

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