How to design the perfect outdoor space

    Do you want to design the perfect outdoor space? That’s not a bad idea at all; sprucing up the garden is precisely what most houses need to become their best selves. However, as you start planning, you will see that this might be more complex than you bargained for. Considering this, we’re going to give you some general tips that you can keep in mind while working on your outdoor area. And if you want the best general contractors in Los Angeles to have a crack at it as well, make sure to contact us!

    Why design the perfect outdoor space?

    Most of us care about what our gardens look like – at least to some degree. And while most people won’t hire the best landscaping companies Los Angeles has to work on their outdoor areas; there are plenty of reasons for why you should do precisely that. For starters, even if you’re not someone interested in homely aesthetics; the curb appeal of your home depends heavily on the look of the garden. 

    A person using a paintbrush on a wooden beam.
    Design the perfect outdoor space before you start any of the actual landscaping!

    That’s why, at some point or another, most homeowners think about trying to design the perfect outdoor space. Even if you don’t intend on selling your home, you still want to make it into something as livable and pretty as possible. When you start thinking about entertaining guests, relaxing with neighbors, or simply enjoying a small oasis all on your own; landscaping definitely comes into play. But in many cases, especially with larger gardens; this task may seem like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. However, we’ll show you that this isn’t the case at all! 

    Don’t be afraid to go big

    One of the first things that any home remodeling contractor Los Angeles has will tell you regarding renovations is: don’t be afraid to go big. And while that mostly refers to interior home renovations, it’s just as true when it comes to your effort to design a perfect outdoor space. Sure, on the one hand, there’s the rational part of you thinking about all of the expenses.

    A pool in a backyard.
    Make sure that your finances can support all of the amenities you intend to install in your garden!

    But you need to keep something else in mind as well; this isn’t the kind of cost that you’ll have to bear all the time. In fact, it’s the kind of project you do once in a decade; or even less often. With that in mind, use your garden as the canvas for your personal taste. Before deciding what you want your garden to look like, spend some time in it. Just sit, and try to design the perfect outdoor space in your mind.

    Be methodical

    Of course, landscaping isn’t easy for everyone. There are plenty of things you should know, especially if you’re not someone who’s already adept at this kind of thing. With that in mind; once you design the perfect outdoor space or at least its general idea – start thinking about the specifics. The word of the day here is “compartmentalization”.

    Yeah, it’s a big one; but it’s going to serve you quite well as you create your perfect garden. And let’s face it; even a small garden might be overwhelming to someone who’s not a seasoned landscaper. Considering this, you should mentally “break up” the outdoor space into “rooms” – just like you would with your interior.

    This will make the entire thing far easier to pull off in practice; you won’t become overwhelmed by the entire mess at any point, and you’ll be able to do everything piece by piece; putting together the picture of a gorgeous garden in the end.

    Be stylish

    And by this, we mean – you will need to decide on an overall style before you design the perfect outdoor space. Now, the reason why we’re being so direct and upfront about this is that plenty of people don’t think they need to do that. After all, trying to go “outside of the box” is an attractive thought; why should your garden adhere to any specific style? What if you tried to mix elements from different styles and aesthetics; perhaps you can end up with one beautifully diverse collage?

    A garden with a pond and trees.
    Determine the style that you want your garden to emanate before working on anything!

    Unfortunately, most people realize that this is a mistake later on. Especially if this is your first exterior remodeling; we believe that you should try to pick a style you’ll go with first, and then go on deciding all of the individual elements. If you don’t think that you’re sure of how all of the different elements come together to form your style, don’t be afraid to talk to a professional who can help you decide on an aesthetic for your garden. Also, and this is perhaps most important – the style of your yard has to complement your home aesthetic, or at least the exterior. 

    Prioritize as you design the perfect outdoor space

    At the end of the day, there’s one last thing that you need to think about while you design the perfect outdoor space. For one, you must always have your main goals in mind, and the order in which you need to complete them. Even if you have enough money to spend on all of the exterior improvements that you want to make, it wouldn’t be wise to just burn through your funds. That’s why you must prioritize carefully.

    For instance, if you want to have an outdoor kitchen, you will probably need to construct a patio first. But before the patio, the gas, electric, and plumbing lines for the kitchen will need to be set. As you can see, all of these things are interconnected, so you should make a roadmap first and only then start working. 

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