How to design an outdoor kitchen

    An outdoor kitchen is an area where you can cook, entertain guests and spend quality time with your family and friends. Today it has become a popular addition to homes. Also, with all the advancements in kitchen appliances, it has become ferally easy to attempt to do it by yourself. Likewise, depending on the climate, you can end up using it quite often, if not even every day. So why not invest a bit into an opportunity to eat a perfect barbeque whenever you feel like it. It is why general contractors West Los Angeles would like to help you design an outdoor kitchen. Here is everything you need to know to build a perfect one suited for all your needs.

    To design an outdoor kitchen you need to choose the right type

    outdoor kitchen with a forest in background
    The design of an outside kitchen depends on your lifestyle

    The most important aspect of designing an outdoor kitchen is knowing which type suits you best. Many factors will influence your decision. First, you need to know how big is your budget. Also, how much space you have in your garden, the climate, and your lifestyle. The most basic and the cheapest one is to get a small barbeque and a fridge for all the drinks. After that, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. Some people love extravagant solutions, so they hire ADU contractor Los Angeles. Once you decide on the type, you are free to play with different ideas. But to design an outdoor kitchen that is fully fictional, you can not rush the process.

    Designing an outdoor kitchen is easy with a layout

    Before anything else, you need to make a layout of your outdoor kitchen. Therefore once you have decided on the space you want to use, start drawing your dream kitchen. However, if your garden is too small, think about adopting some other part of your home. Garage conversions Los Angeles are quite popular these days.

    But once you start making plans, you need to think about the functionality of the kitchen. For example, it should have four distinctive zones: cold, hot, wet, and dry. The cold one is where your fridge or ice maker goes. All the cooking appliances are in the hot zone. Also, the wet one is the sink and dry for cutting and preparing the ingredients. Likewise, you should not forget about all the necessary utilities. You will need to expand water, gas, and electricity into that area.

    Carefully choose the materials for your outdoor kitchen

    outdoor kitchen
    To design an outdoor kitchen you need to use materials that are perfect for outside conditions

    The most important part of designing a kitchen in the garden is the materials. If you wish to have a permeant kitchen, then you need materials that can withstand the outdoors. Therefore always avoid materials that will deteriorate after some time because of the weather. Otherwise, you might end up having to remodel the kitchen often and waste money and time. So immediately go for quality outdoor materials. For example, stone and marble are perfect.

    Additionally, you can use ceramics, brick, and concrete. However, even if you choose the best quality materials, you still have to do some type of maintenance. It might sound time-consuming, but it will prolong the life of your kitchen. Also, take some time to experiment and try different combinations until you find the one that you like the best.

    Appliances are the most important part of designing an outside kitchen

    The number of appliances and the type will depend on how much cooking you are planning to do outside. Also, are you building a kitchen just for your family or for entertaining friends and family? Likewise, your cooking style is important. If you enjoy a good barbeque, then think about a grill that can also smoke your meat. For baking, you will need a good-sized oven. Furthermore, do not forget about the fridge and the icemaker. If you are in a warm climate, they are essential for a proper outdoor bar area. However, always stay within your budget when shopping for appliances. Remember adding another kitchen to your home will increase the utility bills.

    Do not forget the lighting

    decorative lights
    Decorative lights are a must in any garden and an outdoor kitchen

    As you will be doing a lot of cooking outside, do not forget to install proper lighting. Otherwise, you might have to work in half dark environment. In that case, you are running a risk of injuring yourself. Therefore always light the food preparation area, the grill, and the sink. Likewise do not forget about all the guests. You should not leave them to eat in the dark. So put overhead lamps over the bar and the dining area. If you are in a hot and humid climate, add a couple of ceiling fans. Especially over the cooking area, as it can get pretty hot there. Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity to experiment. Light gives a certain atmosphere to space. So go for less if you are looking for intimate and cozy.

    The best way to design an outdoor kitchen of your dreams is to experiment

    A lot of people have an idea, and once the time comes to make it real, they back down. But if you wish to design an outdoor kitchen that is perfect, you can not be afraid to experiment. Start by choosing the locations in your garden. Next, draw a layout and take some time to move things around. If you have a small budget, there are plenty of stores in the City of Angels where you can find cheap materials. Furthermore, do not forget that adding a kitchen with all the appliances will raise your utility bills. Therefore always choose the power-saving ones. With a bit of patience and a lot of imagination, you will build a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

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