How to combine traditional with modern while renovating

    Renovating a home can be challenging but at the same time very creative and engaging. You can do everything on your own or you can find reliable home remodeling contractors Los Angeles to handle the work for you every step of the way. The goal to combine traditional with modern while renovating a home is one that out team sees all the time. People want to be able to keep the “bones” of their old home while giving it a modern look. In this article, Top Rated General Contractors explores just how to go about accomplishing this objective.

    Why do so many people want to combine traditional with modern while renovating?

    woman and man choosing patterns for the renovations
    Giving your home a new look doesn’t always entail completely ridding yourself of the existing one.

    The most common answer is the existence of certain family heirlooms that people have inherited. Another simple reason is that buying everything new can be expensive, especially when you are already renovating your entire home. There certainly are a lot of interior design companies Los Angeles that can help you combine traditional with modern when you decide to renovate your home. They know and they have the experience needed.  And the most important thing – you will get a perfect and beautiful home with a touch of modern decorations while at the same time you will keep your favorite pieces of furniture.

    What is considered to be a traditional style?

    Before we continue to talk about combining traditional with modern while renovating, we need to know what is considered to be a traditional style. The main thing is the feeling you get when you enter a home with a traditional style. The traditional style is warm and it gives you a comfortable feeling. When it comes to the color, they are usually mid-range. They are not too dark nor too bright. Wood furniture is dominant, including straight lines. And of course, everything is matched. And one of the most common people who decide to renovate first is their bathroom. It is important to know where to start renovating your bathroom if you want to make it feel more modern!

    What is considered to be modern style?

    When we talk about the modern style we need to be honest. People often confuse modern with contemporary style. One of the most important traits of modern design is that minimalistic touch. Furniture is made from natural materials and the colors are neutral. When it comes to modern style, you will often find heavy textures, contrasting elements, and clean lines. Modern style tends to be simple and clean.

    When you want to combine traditional with modern, you need to choose the dominant style

    room with modern furniture
    You need to choose which style will be dominant in your renovations

    The difference between modern and traditional style is really visible and big. So, before you start renovating, you need to decide and choose which style will be dominant. You need to plan this before you find and hire general contractors Los Angeles CA. You need to choose in which direction your renovation will go. Will your home be a traditional one with a dash of modern style or your home will be modern with a couple of traditional items? The most important thing is to know what feeling you want to achieve.

    Choose your colors

    The most important step when you are renovating your home and combining traditional with modern is to decide which color palette you will follow. People often choose a neutral pallette since it can give you a lot of space to work with your furniture. If you want to be bold you need to choose a vivid color, that will make a statement. It is important that it goes with your furniture, decorations and that it isn’t simply too much.

    Pay attention to your floors

    People often disregard the effect their floors have on the whole home. But it is important to note that with the right flooring you can connect your whole style. And this is a great moment to go green with your home improvements. If you have hardwood you can renew it, and choose the right color. Fitted carpet simply doesn’t go nicely with the mix of modern and traditional when renovating. You can choose some interesting rugs. They can be in odd shapes, with geometric figures. It will give a unique look to every room.

    If you want to combine traditional with modern while renovating pay attention to every detail

    Getting new furniture is always the most exciting part of every renovation, but if you want to mix traditional with modern you need to pay attention to every detail. It is important how you plan to use the items you already have, but it is important to pay attention to items you plan to get. Look at the piece of furniture you want to buy and ask yourself why this piece in particular? Will it fit in nicely? How you can combine it? What attracts you to this item?

    Shelves in a room
    Pay attention to details when you are renovating your home

    Details are important, especially if you are combining traditional with modern while renovating your home. If you need additional ideas, you can always find them online. Just be sure that before you decide to apply any of them – they can actually fit into your home.

    Balance is important when you combine traditional with modern style

    When you are renovating your home and combining modern with traditional it is important to keep everything in balance. You always need to be aware of what is standing out in your home. It is also important to combine all the items so they give out a feeling of peace. You do not want an eclectic room that seems messy.

    Group items, connect them so the whole room has a natural flow. And keep in mind that lighting is one of the most important factors that can truly change every room. And of course, when you are renovating and mixing traditional with modern do not forget to make sure that renovations follow guidelines for COVID-19. Although it is important to have a nice and clean, traditional yet modern space, it is also important that you stay healthy!

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