How to build a sauna in your home

    Having the opportunity to build a sauna in your home is huge. Not everyone can do so, so consider yourself lucky. Having your own sauna has a lot of benefits. This is a very exciting process which you will have to handle. There are of course things to consider such as where will you place it, how big it will be, whether you will build it on your own or with the help of general contracting Los Angeles companies such as Top Rated General Contractors? But when deciding to make such an amazing installment in your home, this is completely fine. Avoid stress as much as possible, because you have time and you don’t need to rush. Together with your family, you can agree on the design and other preferences. Look for the tips, in addition, to build it better.

    A nicely arranged and buil home sauna with essentials and lights.
    You will have various benefits if you build a sauna in your home.

    Why build a sauna in your home?

    Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. And so does a home sauna. If you want to build a sauna in your home, you should know both pros and cons of it. Before you even start looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor Los Angeles offers, you should know why would you have a home sauna in the first place. Saunas are definitely increasing lots of positive things such as better sleep, relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, relief from joints, improved circulation, and so on. There is nothing negative about going to the sauna and many people go to the sauna on a daily basis. But is it really such a good idea to have a home sauna? That’s what we’re here to find out.

    Cons of building a sauna in your home

    Having a home sauna can actually be very expensive. The equipment and supplies for building and maintaining a sauna are not affordable at all. If they were, everyone would have one at home! So count your budget, and see if you can set money aside for this pleasure. Another con that comes with an in-home sauna is the maintenance. Saunas require a lot of it. Expect a lot of cleaning chores and if you don’t like it, better give up. Instead, you can make garage conversions Los Angeles‘ contractors offer.

    Pros of building a sauna in your home

    Firstly, everyone thinks of a sauna as something very luxurious, not available to everyone. Having the ability to own an in-home sauna provides you a luxurious relaxation at any time in your own home. As written before, there are lots of benefits of sauna. And having something in your own home that can increase your health is precious. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can sleep there and lay there all day, but every day for a bit will definitely provide some health benefits. If you ever think about moving away and selling your home, owning a sauna in it will increase the value of the entire home. So you can even retrieve the money you spent on it.

    Types of home saunas

    A girl enjoying in a home sauna.
    Having the ability to relax in your own sauna is luxurious!

    There are various types of saunas, and you can build whichever you like the most! Depending on your preferences choose the one you think it’s the best one. Some of the most common ones are:

    • Steam sauna – these are more popularly known as Turkish saunas or hammams. In this sauna, you use moist heat derived from boiling water that is releasing steam into the chamber.
    • Smoke sauna – in these saunas, fire is built under a pile of rocks and when the rocks heat enough, the fire and smoke go out. 
    • Infrared sauna – not the most popular choice. This is a small sauna that can give you pleasure without that high heat.
    • Electric sauna – the name says it all. You heat the stones and the stove with electricity. 
    • Wood-burning sauna – this sauna is more known as a Finnish sauna. It is a traditional type of dry sauna since there is no humidity inside. You need to make a fire in a wood stove that will heat the stones to power it. Temperature is from 140 to 200 degrees. 

    When you decide which type of sauna you like the most, it’s time to call your contractor and start building one. This is sort of a room additions Los Angeles‘ contractor needs to deal with, and it will take time. So call them immediately when you decide.

    Choose the proper material

    You will have to inform yourself before building a sauna. The sauna cannot be built from whatever you come into first. You need to know exactly which material you can use, which for, and why. The rock that you will use for your home sauna should be igneous rock only. Don’t even think about using sedimentary one or metamorphic. They are not dense enough and they can’t retain the heat enough. On the other hand, igneous rock is actually a volcanic rock and it’s perfect for this purpose. The size of your stones should vary from 3 to 15 centimeters, depending on the size of the stove.  

    For the wood, when you are choosing your options are not really wide either. You can choose from golden yellow abachi, heat-treated aspen, light-colored aspen or the dark one, and reddish-brown alder. For the benches, you can choose from rich combinations of pale-colored spruce or black-colored ones.

    Decide the size of your home sauna

    A wood worker preparing and working on a piece of wood for a sauna.
    Choose the best possible material for your sauna.

    Dimensions of your sauna will depend on the size of your home, of course. You should know in advance what exactly you want so you can make a floor plan and figure out the dimensions. If you want to lay down in your sauna, for instance, you will need at least 6 feet in one direction, and the ceiling should be only up to 7 feet. You will have to minimize the floor space and instead maximize the space for benches. This way sauna will have more effects. There should be a space for upper and lower benches. You can even make them on 3 floors. It all depends on you, your preferences, and your imagination. Of course, your contractor will help you with useful ideas and advice.

    Get accessories for your sauna!

    To enjoy this already huge pleasure, even more, prepare yourself with sauna accessories that you can use after you build a sauna in your home. From various smells and aromatherapy drops to many other various small decorations. The choice is yours!

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