Guide to choosing paint and colors for your interior

    Although moving comes with many challenges, there are also quite a few things you can look forward to after your relocation. One of the exciting parts about getting a new place is renovating! Making sure the house feels like home is only possible if you put in the effort to make space your own. One of the bigger tasks to take care of when moving in or remodeling a home is painting the walls. Simply freshening up the walls can make a huge difference and transform the house. So, if you’d like the experts from one of the top interior design firms Los Angeles to give you some tips, you’re in the right place. In this article, we give you some pointers that will help you with choosing paint and colors for your interior.

    Come up with a color scheme that fits your aesthetic

    First things first, it’s time to brainstorm and decide what kind of aesthetic you’re going for. When picking paint and colors for your interior, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind. What do you want your home to look like, what kind of vibe are you after? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make the decision easier.

    Would you like all the rooms to be painted the same color?

    painting a wall
    Before choosing paint and colors for your interior define your vision.

    First of all, the question you should ask yourself is if you’d like each room to tell its own story or if you prefer all the rooms to look cohesive. This completely depends on your preferences, of course.

    If you aren’t too bothered about the wall colors, picking the same color for all the rooms is definitely the easiest choice. Just make sure you actually love the color. But if you have a vision for each of the rooms, then you should definitely pay attention when choosing paints and colors for your home. In case you’re unsure about what kind of look to go for, you can always ask our designers and general contractors Santa Monica for advice.

    Do you want the walls to match your furniture?

    One of the things you should ask yourself is if you’d like your entire room to be in the same tones. If your furniture is beige, for example, would you like the walls to also be a similar shade, or do you want to make a bit of a contrast? Maybe you don’t care if the walls and the furniture go well together. Whatever you decide, go for it. Knowing what you like will help you choose paints and colors for your interior.

    Feel like experimenting when choosing paint and colors for your interior?

    two people using painting supplies
    Do you prefer plain one-color walls, or would you like to add some character to the room?

    Who said that all four walls of a room have to be the same color? When you’re designing your dream home, you have the freedom to choose the kind of aesthetic and look you want. That means that you’re allowed to think outside the box and get creative. If you want to experiment when selecting paints and colors for your interior, you can do that.

    Here are some ways to make a room look more interesting:

    • Add an accent wall. Accent walls are a great way to add some spice and interest to a room but in a subtle way. Choose one of the walls to be a darker or a lighter shade or add a pop of color to one of the walls.
    • Experiment with wallpaper. If you want to truly make a statement, you might want to add a fun wallpaper to your accent wall or to multiple walls. The selection of patterns and designs is endless, and you can even make a custom wallpaper! So, you can definitely find something you like
    • Get artistic with it. Maybe you don’t want to use wallpaper, but you can still add some character to the walls. Just use paint to create some beautiful designs, paint some shapes, lines, etc. Of course, you can always get a professional to help out.

    Use white in small spaces

    You’ve probably heard this one already, but it’s worth mentioning again. Every interior and construction expert from Top Rated General Contractors LA will tell you that small spaces and white paint are best friends. If you’re dealing with a small room, you probably want to make it appear more spacious. In that case, you need to be careful when choosing paint for your interior. White paint is known for making any room look bigger and more spacious. Generally speaking, you want to stay away from dark colors in small spaces.

    Choose what kind of finish you’d like

    supplies for painting the walls
    There are different types of paints that have different finishes – which ones do you like most.

    Now, once you’ve decided on the colors and shades, it’s time to dive in deeper. Other than just choosing colors and pain for your house, you can even choose the finish you’d like on your walls. Not all paints are the same. Again, the choice is totally dependent on your own preferences.

    Whether you’re a more straightforward person who likes a simple matte wall or a creative soul who loves some sheen, there’s something for you out there. Here are your choices:

    • Flat
    • Semi-gloss
    • High-gloss
    • Satin

    These are the main four types of finishes. But if you’re feeling really experimental, you might even mix and match these different finishes to add oomph to the room.

    What will it be?

    So, now you have pretty much all your options and some expert tips that should help with choosing paint and colors for your interior. Now, it’s up to you to decide. In case you’re hiring bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen remodeling contractors Los Angeles, you can always ask them for their professional opinion if you’re unsure. But seeing as you’re the one who will spend all of your days in this space, you should let your heart decide.

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