Guide for matching your outbuilding with your home

    Are you thinking about matching your outbuilding with your home? After a while, all of us start thinking about what more we could be doing for our home and garden. And if you’ve got a shed that’s just not cutting it – you may want to do the best garage remodel Los Angeles has ever seen! But is this going to be easy? Unfortunately, no; there are plenty of different things you should keep in mind while redesigning a shed or a garage. Simultaneously, it has to fit in with the rest of the home – while also reflecting your own personal taste. There’s no need to worry, though; we’ve got some excellent tips on doing that easily right here!

    Color coordination – the first step for matching your outbuilding with your home

    Ask any of the best general contractors Santa Monica has, and they’ll tell you the same thing; whenever you think about starting a big DIY home project, you need to start with the basics and the big picture. And when you’ve got the broad strokes down, you’ll be able to start considering the details as well. Keeping that in mind; how do you apply this way of thinking to the process of matching your outbuilding with your home? It’s quite simple, really – you start with the colors.

    Large household.
    Make sure that the aesthetics of your house match the ones of your outbuilding.

    Take a look at the color scheme of your house, and then apply the same range of colors to your outbuilding. Ideally, you want to use the exact same colors; they’ll provide a perfectly blended setting between your main house, the outbuilding, and the grounds surrounding them. 

    Think about a porch

    When people think about constructing a home that’s going to stand the test of time, what do they picture first? That’s right – a gorgeous wooden front porch with a rocking chair; a place where they’d truly be happy to grow old. And that’s no accident; over the past couple of centuries, the front porch has become synonymous with a sense of homeliness and familiarity. Because of this, it’s something you should consider adding to your outbuilding as well; albeit a smaller one, probably. It will add a unique sense of style and become an eye-drawing element. 

    Alternatively, if you think that a porch may be too much – plenty of ADU contractors Los Angeles has are more than capable of helping you install a patio or a platform deck. If you do this, it will not only help with matching your outbuilding with your home; you will also increase the square footage of usable space that you’ve got for all sorts of outdoor activities.

    Awnings are great

    Next up on the list of things that are equally practical and pretty – we’ve got awnings! This is something that will definitely help in matching your outbuilding with your home; plus, it also increases how much outdoor storage space you’ve got, seeing as you don’t need to think about damage from the elements. An awning immediately removes rain and sun from the equation.

    Stacks of wood near a brown-brick cottage.
    Every single aspect of your outbuilding matters – including hinges, hardware, or stacks of wood.

    Also, when you ask general contractors in Los Angeles County about other elements that improve the look and field of an outbuilding; you’ll find that trim frames are just as high on that list. You can incorporate these easy to help your outbuilding stand out amongst others – and among the rest of the structures on your property as well. Though, this requires some color considerations again; you need to pick a paint that complements the one on your main house, and contrasts the outbuilding’s siding. Still, it’s worth the effort because it provides your building with a craftsmanship-esque sort of appeal.

    The details matter

    As you can see, we’ve started with the most monumental decisions designed for matching your outbuilding with your home – and we’ve slowly moved more and more into the details as time went on. And now we’re approaching some of the less obvious parts of your facade, but still no less important!

    We recommend taking a look at the window shutters on your shed or garage, for example. You’d be amazed at the level of prettiness you can achieve by just updating the window frame; it gives an entirely new look to the entirety of the structure! That’s why getting a pair of shed shutters is a great idea, especially if they were manufactured from durable plastic. 

    Your hardware is important

    Most people consider the hardware on their outbuildings to be an afterthought; certainly not something that’s crucial from an aesthetic standpoint. But when you’re matching your outbuilding to your home, you want to do a better job than that. Instead, you want to take care of every single detail perfectly. And when you approach this issue like that, you’ll realize the importance of even the smallest part of the outbuilding.

    A house with a façade covered in leaves.
    Every single detail on your façade should be replicated on your outbuilding as well.

    For example; all of the hardware that you can find in your shed is absolutely essential to its overall look. That includes the smallest stuff like the locks, latches, handles, hinges, etc. All of these should be in pristine condition; not only because they ensure the necessary level of security, but also because they provide a clean and neat look to your outbuilding. And let’s face it, that’s a look that most of us foster in our homes as well. 

    Wrapping Up

    As you can see, there are plenty of things that you should consider while matching your outbuilding with your home; the entire process requires a professional approach and an eye for aesthetics. That’s why you might want to hire professionals to help you out with the actual execution! 

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