7 common home remodeling myths explained

    Remodeling your home is not exactly something you do on a daily basis. In fact, a property in good condition doesn’t need to be remodeled more often than every 10-15 years. Many people go well into adulthood before they ever need to remodel a home. So, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re not really an expert on the subject – no one expects you to be. Unfortunately, people who don’t know much about remodeling tend to go into the process with certain ideas anyway. And those ideas often prove to be false. These common home remodeling myths don’t just make the job of experts like Top Rated General Contractors Los Angeles significantly harder; they also diminish your chances of a successful and stress-free renovation. So it’s important to recognize them and learn the truth behind them. 

    Common home remodeling myths about money

    Modern living space
    Many of the common home remodeling myths revolve around saving money.

    Even if you’ve never remodeled your home before, you can probably imagine that home remodeling requires quite a bit of money. Since money is so important, it should come as no surprise that most of the myths about home remodeling are related to money. So let’s tackle those first.

    #1: Going DIY is a way to save money

    When you decide to renovate your home, one of the biggest expenses in your budget will undoubtedly be remodeling contractors Los Angeles. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, their prices can run in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For this reason, people sometimes choose to do their own remodeling as a way to save money. But the idea that DIY remodeling is cheaper is patently false.

    In fact, DIY construction can end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Not only will you need to dedicate time and effort to remodeling by yourself, but you will also need to buy your own tools and materials. Despite this, you will often end up with worse results that need more frequent fixing. So hiring a construction company is well worth the price because you’re paying for their expertise.

    #2: When hiring contractors, you should always go with the lowest offer

    Another way that people try to cut costs is to hire cheap contractors. The idea behind it is that all contractors are equally good so you may as well save a few bucks on the cheap ones. But this isn’t true. Like in every other business, some contractors are better than others. While they typically cost more, their work is also typically worth more. And you must also keep in mind that not everyone includes the same things in their prices. Cheaper contractors might later ask you to pay extra for materials, thus adding to your costs.

    #3: Renovation must always add value to the home

    Newly furnished bedroom.
    If it makes the house more comfortable and functional for you, the remodel is worth doing.

    There’s a common misconception that all remodeling work has to add value to the home. That’s how you justify the cost of it – you’ll make all that money back when you sell the house. But while this can be the case, it isn’t necessarily so. Some renovations will only appeal to a niche audience. Others will be outdated again by the time you’re selling the home. And you can never predict how the market will go anyway. But here’s the real secret: remodeling doesn’t have to be about making the house more valuable to others. You’re living in your home now; if the remodel makes the house better for you tomorrow, it’s worth doing.

    #4: You can do anything on a budget if you get creative

    Many people believe that money doesn’t matter when renovating. You can substitute expensive materials, get cheap help from friends, and do things yourself to save money. That way, you can remodel your entire home on a very small budget. There is some truth in this: it’s possible to lower the costs of remodeling with creative solutions. But quality materials and expert craftsmanship still cost money. If you want serious remodeling done well, you will need to invest in it.

    Common home remodeling myths about construction work

    Another thing that causes a lot of confusion among people who are planning a remodeling project is the nature of construction work. Because most of us don’t have a lot of contact with construction, we tend to base our assumptions on the things we hear through the grapevine. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of untrue myths about home remodeling.

    #5: Construction always runs longer and costs more than you expect

    Cntractor holding plans that will help him finish on time and bust one of the common home remodeling myths
    With a good contractor, your project will go according to plan.

    Construction has a bad reputation – people are always complaining about how their projects have gone over budget and off schedule. And this is the experience for some people. But it’s far more typical of big projects like office building construction than minor home remodeling. And some work simply needs to be done at a specific time.

    • For example, landscaping companies Los Angeles have to schedule their work around the weather and time of year. But whatever work you’re getting done, hiring a good contractor will all but ensure quality work is delivered on time.

    #6: You have to move out during the remodel

    Construction work is noisy and messy. Furthermore, it tends to spread around the house so you have tools and paint marks and unfamiliar people even in the areas of the house that you’re not touching up. So it’s no wonder that many people believe you need to find a different place to stay during the project. But that really depends on the work you’re getting done and your own preferences. If you are remodeling your bathroom, then staying at a friend’s home or a hotel for a few nights and coming back when your bathroom is functional again is not a bad idea. But if you are just building a front porch, then there’s really no need to go anywhere.

    #7: You don’t need permits for construction work

    Another myth that’s pretty widespread is the idea that you can just do whatever you want to your house without informing the authorities. This is also partially true: some remodel projects don’t require any permits but others do. So once again, it all depends on what you’re doing. You should look up the local rules and regulations and find out which home improvements require permits in your area before you start planning your remodeling project.

    Busting the common home remodeling myths helps you plan your project

    Whenever you’re getting into something new, it’s important to be prepared. You should know what to expect from a remodeling project so you can make good decisions and plans in advance. That is exactly why it’s vital to dispel any common home remodeling myths that you believe. While there’s nothing inherently nefarious about these misconceptions, they can lead you to make bad decisions for your project. This can, in turn, cost you a lot of money, time, and nerves. So make sure you’re working with the correct information before you start planning.

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