5 types of outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home

    Whether you are planning on building a home or buying one, it will almost certainly come with a larger property. You should give some thought to what you’re going to do with that property too. You can create a beautiful lawn or plant a garden. Or you can hire a construction company Los Angeles and add another building. You can build all sorts of outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home. Depending on which you choose, they can enhance your property in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and even monetary value. So they’re definitely an investment worth considering. But which type of outbuilding is best for you?

    The best outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home

    An outbuilding is a small building separate from the main house but which belongs to the same property. They come in many different shapes and functions. Which ones you choose to build, if any, will depend on your location, the size of your property, your needs, and your resources. Here are some options to consider if you’re living in LA:

    #1: Separate garage

    Virtually every household in Los Angeles has at least one car. Odds are that you do, too. But what do you do with your car when you’re not driving it? You need somewhere to park it. A garage on your property is the perfect solution. And a detached garage specifically comes with many benefits. In terms of aesthetics, you can place a separate garage away from the home so it doesn’t detract from the design and you can even make it in a different style.

    Car in one of the outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home.
    Keep your car safe and your home clean with a separate garage.

    In terms of functionality, you’ll reduce noise pollution in the home, keep the house cleaner, and have more space if you keep a garage separate. Finally, if you ever change your mind, you can always opt for an ADU garage conversion Los Angeles and turn your garage into a different type of outbuilding!

    #2: Guesthouse

    Another popular choice in Los Angeles is having some extra living space outside of the house. It’s perfect if you have friends or family staying over often. But it’s even more useful if you plan on renting out living space on your property. Because rent is so high in California, many renters look for smaller units rather than apartments or homes. This is where it comes in handy to hire ADU builders Los Angeles – you can rent out a nice place, earn some cash, and still have your home all to yourself.

    #3: Barn, shed, or other types of workshop

    woman making candles.
    If you want extra space for your hobbies, build outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home.

    Although these are more typical of the rural areas, barns, sheds, and workshops are still outbuildings worth considering. They can be very useful as additional storage space. If you have any gardening equipment, cleaning supplies, car tools, even pet food, and toys – all this can be kept out of sight in a shed. And if you have a hobby that requires a lot of space, makes a lot of noise, or kicks up a lot of dirt, you’ll be grateful to keep all that out of the house. A workshop allows you some space to yourself, where you can keep all your equipment and do your work in peace. Finally, you can always turn a workshop into a proper office. It’ll make working from home much easier.

    #4: Gazebo, pavilion, or pergola

    One of the best things about Los Angeles and California, in general, is the weather. It is warm and sunny pretty much year-round. As such, you have plenty of opportunities and even more incentive to spend some time outside, enjoying the sun and the nature around you. So why not create a nice space to do that in? You can do some landscaping and gardening, turn your property into a beautiful oasis. And then build a nice gazebo, pavilion, or even just a pergola to spend time in. With some nice patio furniture, a hammock or throw pillows, and a few strings of fairy lights, you can create a beautiful place to relax day and night. And it all doubles as a place to invite friends over too! It won’t hurt that outbuildings like this make for beautiful and very instagrammable photos.

    #5: Poolhouse

    Pool and pool house.
    A pool with a pool house is the perfect addition to your new home.

    With as hot as it gets in California, many people opt for installing a pool on their property. After all, who wouldn’t want to jump into the cool and refreshing pool water on a hot sunny day? But the pool is just the first thing you need to really enjoy your summer. You’ll also need some pool noodles, floats, beach balls, towels, and other accessories. And you mustn’t forget all the cleaning supplies that keep your pool running. You can keep all those in a poolhouse. A nice poolhouse can add to the poolside aesthetic while also doubling as storage space and a place to get some privacy while changing.

    The benefits of outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home

    You may be wondering why you should even splurge on an outbuilding, especially if you already have a big home. But like all home additions Los Angelesoutbuildings are an investment. They each fulfill a specific purpose, one which your home doesn’t. And they add to the aesthetic of the property. But they can also be a selling point for your home when you decide to move on. Having a handy outbuilding can make all the difference when you’re listing your house on the market.

    Building outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home

    If you decide to build outbuildings for your new Los Angeles home, you’ll need to take the time to plan and design them. You’ll need to decide on where exactly to build your chosen outbuilding and what it’ll look like. It should fit with the rest of the property and not stand out too much. Depending on what you’re building exactly, you may need a special permit. Consult with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to check if your outbuilding requires any specific documentation. Finally, you’ll want to consult with your contractor. They can advise you on the different types of outbuildings and help you decide on which outbuilding you’d benefit from most (if any).

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